Sign up to be a volunteer!

Maybe you're a seasoned digger already, or maybe you'd like your first opportunity to wield a trowel. Either way, if you would like to volunteer to excavate at Mantle Walls please use the form on the right, or call Jessica on 01314403593. If you have any issues, or questions, please email

Participation and training is free, and no experience is necessary.

There is a spreasheet below showing the available timeslots for volunteering.

Also, if you would like to register your interest for any of our workshops, please email

Available timeslots for digging

The spreadsheet below shows the booked timeslots for digging at Mantle Walls and the available places remaining (maximum volunteers, minus confirmed timeslots). The morning session will run from 10am-1pm and the afternoon session from 1pm-4pm. You can book in for a whole day simply by signing up for both morning and afternoon timeslots of the same day.