The Bishops of Glasgow

Who were the Bishops of Glasgow?

The early Bishops of Glasgow had the early medieval kingdom of Strathclyde as their see. They were very influential in Scottish politics and economy.

The Bishop's Palace at Ancrum

By the end of the 12th Century, the Scottish Borders had become an area of great importance for the Scottish Kings. Three Royal Castles (Jedburgh, Roxburgh and Selkirk) had been established, as well as four abbeys (Jedburgh, Kelso, Melrose and Dryburgh). Ancrum lies in the middle of all this activity, and had been confirmed to the episcopal mensa, (property, the revenue of which is enjoyed by the bishop) of Glasgow in 1170 by Pope Alexander III. It is described in that document as one of “the churches of the villas which belong to the bishop’s manse”.