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Carved stone from Trench C

North-south wall remains in Trench B

Mantle Walls Excavation - Part Two

Blog Post 2 -30/9/2019

Our second week at Mantle Walls was just as exciting as our first! After a successful open day on Saturday the 21st September which saw over 100 visitors come to see the excavations we were back at work on Monday with a star find in Trench C! A beautiful piece of carved stone was found in the rubble collapse deposits within the building identified in Trench C. This rubble collapse covered a layer of possible occupation accumulation relating to the use of the building. A pit cut into the gravel floor below this contained finds of animal bone, fish bone and a single sherd of pottery. We hope to look at this feature further in our post excavation programme to see if it can tell us more about the use of the building.

Trench B revealed the substantial remains of a further wall running North-South possibly enclosing an internal space which may have once seen use as a courtyard. A feature in the northwest corner of this internal space likely represents a setting for a trough or barrel. The structural remains in this trench appear to have more than one phase of building and we hope to untangle this chronology to better understand the use of the site.

Walls appearing in Trench C

Mantle Walls Excavation - Part One

Blog Post 2 - 20/09/2019

We are deep into the excavations at Mantle Walls after a busy first week.

Upon opening Trench C it was apparent that we had a continuation of the substantial ashlar masonry walls identified by the previous dig in 2012. We have excavated down through the interior rubble deposits of this building and are hoping to identify some in-situ deposits below to give us an idea of the function of the building.

In trench B where previous excavations had identified post medieval demolition deposits consisting of rubble and clay, we have revealed the remains of substantial walls. To the south of the wall there is a substantial collapse deposit; and to the north we may have interior deposits relating to the building these walls enclose.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Substantial Walls in

Trench B

Exciting News!

Blog Post 1 - 22/7/2019

We have some exciting news to announce! Ancrum and District Heritage Society, in partnership with AOC Archaeology, will be leading a group of volunteers on excavations at Mantle Walls this September. The excavations will run from the 16th to the 28th of September and will also include a series of workshops, public talks, an Excavation Open Day and a Living History Day. Head over to our 2019 Dig page for the details.