a small village

with a big history

Welcome to Ancrum & District Heritage Society

The Ancrum & District Heritage Society was formed to :-

  • To promote the study of the history, archaeology and heritage of Ancrum and surroundings.
  • To advance the conservation and understanding of the archaeological heritage of Ancrum and surroundings
  • To communicate this knowledge to the wider community.

Here's some of the things we've been involved in locally :

  • archaeological digs
  • heritage trails
  • school days
  • public presentations

As a community group, Ancrum & District Heritage Society have set out three main projects that we think require further research, conservation and promotion. These include:

  • The Mantle (or Malton) Walls site at the foot of Ancrum Village
  • The Hogback Stone of Ancrum Kirk
  • Old Ancrum Bridge at Cleikemin

Old Bridge at Cleikemin

Project details

Hogback Stone in Ancrum Graveyard

Project details

Mantle Walls Dig Site

Project details