Ancrum has borne witness to Prehistoric ceremonies, Iron age fortifications, Roman infantries, Anglo-Saxon warriors, Medieval pageantry, Border Reivers, Georgian carriages and Victorian farmhands. All of Scottish and European history and society has made the village a site of continual occupation for over 4,000 years.

Some of the work of Ancrum and District Heritage Society includes  raising awareness of the antiquities and traditions of the area. To this end we have been carrying out archaeological excavations, preserving and recording structures, archiving documents and images, researching oral and written evidence  all contributing to a greater understanding and knowledge of our community’s collective past. 

This work is all carried out voluntarily by a committed group of local folk, keen to bring all this cultural wealth to the attention of others. It’s interesting, fascinating, perplexing, gory, unjust, curious, political, enlightening and ultimately revealing.

Here's a list of local sites of historic interest. A hard copy and map is available in the local shop. 

If you know of any sites we have not included please get in touch  email :