Medieval Scottish Borders Learning Resource

How to use this resource

This learning resource is designed to be used by both teachers and pupils (at teacher discretion). Several of the information pages are suitable for older readers to read themselves, but younger readers may benefit from someone reading it for them, perhaps with the pages displayed on a SMART board for them to follow along.

The activities have been aligned with the Curriculum for Excellence and a table detailing the outcomes can be found on the in the document on the right.

Most of the activities are designed so the information and instructions can be displayed on a SMART board for easier classroom use. However, there are also some documents on the Downloads and Further Resources page which can assist the delivery of activities in a classroom setting, such as a PowerPoint presentation for the Rubbish Game.

Learning Resource curriculum doc for teachers.pdf


Below are the links to the individual pages that make up the learning resource. We recommend that you start at the beginning and work your way through the pages in the order below. However; some of the pages have links to related topics that you can follow to explore more about the topics or to complete relevant activities. If you wish to come back to any of the pages, use the navigation bar on the left, or come back to the list on this page.